Thatcher, Gibbs, Frank Bruno, Eric & Little Ern, Dancing Queen, Wombles & Us – What a waste

Margaret Thatcher, Bee Gees, ABBA, Morecambe and Wise, Frank Bruno and Key Terrain Group may not seem to have much in common, but they were all or still are united in one thing – keeping spaces free of litter. Key Terrain Group Limited are often engaged to support clients with their open spaces, this may involve mowing, pruning, weeding and leaf clearing as an example. On a lovely spring or summer day what could be more rewarding than a bit of gardening? Well here’s the catch, on our more urban sites the first hour or so won’t see a single “green fingered activity” it is more likely we shall transform into Wombles and start collecting confectionary wrappers, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks litter, fast food packets, condoms, a variety of plastic bags and a certain selection of magazines etc, all done whilst looking at a series of empty bins that surround us! Now we of course don’t mind a bit litter picking as we want our clients property to look the very best and it’s fairly pointless having a beautifully maintained set of grounds if the last edition of a men’s magazine is shredded across it! Some facts It is reported that 62% of people in England drop litter but only 28% will admit to it, but this is a problem which is seems to be growing, currently a reported 30 million tonnes of litter is collected from streets and spaces each year and costs the tax payer (you and me) and buisness over £800million per annum to clean up. Although a massive amount of ££££ it has to be a price worth paying, as Keep Britain Tidy reported “litter is one of the first signs of social decay” and if we don’t care about our spaces and streets, we are unlikly to care about other issues that negatively impact us. Some effects on those who live, work and study in litter problem areas People need to be proud of the area they live and work in – uncared for spaces impacts community spirit Excess litter is associated with crime & anti-social behaviour – this can cause worry, anxiety and depression Increased litter means increased rats, need I say more? Litter breeds litter! People are far more comfortable dropping litter in areas already littered, this increase in litter then “invites” anti-social crimes such as graffiti and vandalism – more worry! The RSPCA deal with more than 7000 calls per year about animals injured by litter (the true number will never be known as its presumed many wild animals will die and are injured through litter ingestion, cuts and snagging) Litter effects tourism and business, who wants to visit an area covered in litter? As a business owner how proud would be to see your packaging and wrapping blighting our open spaces? Key Terrain Group Limited With the annual cost of keeping our open spaces tidy now equating to the annual employment of approximately 33,000 nurses or 26,000 paramedics we are determined to do “our bit” and provide services only at realistic prices, we want those we are contracted to support to have open spaces free of litter and waste, we want our clients customers, staff, students, visitors  and residents to be proud of where they work, live, study and visit. You know what I mean Frank? Read about us at or call 020 3633 4212        
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Gum is such a sticky business……

With a reported £60m a year being spent in the removal trodden-in gum from our streets it is no wonder the Local Goverment Association (LGA) are saying it is time for producers to “play or pay” their part in getting our streets clean again. The size of the task is ”Hubba Bubba” huge with campaign groups reporting 64% of all UK roads and pavements being stained by the contents of someone’s mouth and more than 95% of our shopping areas littered with gum. Gum producers will of course point to the various campaigns to discourage littering and research using behavioural science to find answers and solutions to reduce or stop gum being trodden into our streets, pavements, business and social spaces, educational facilities and hospitals etc. But we’ve got news for you………………………… This ain’t going to have an impact anytime soon and the unsightly and unacceptable mess is here for sometime yet. Impression & Reputation As they say – first impressions count! Do you really want your customers, clients, students and visitors remembering your business for the gum on the floor or the sticky mess they gained on the sole of their shoe or other places! Remember gum can get anywhere the “user” decides to deposit. (We dare you to turn any desk over in an educational establishment and not find a blob of gum or if you are brave have a quick feel under your cinema seat – wash your hands after!) Solution Here at Key Terrain Group we offer a full range of gum removal (internal and external) which is centred around the use of the revolutionary i-Gum removal machine. Our Enhanced DBS operatives quickly remove gum from carpets to brick and everything in between. Using i-Gum we don’t need excessive amounts of water or harsh chemicals, we don’t need to close large areas down, no cables, hardly any noise and importantly no disruption to your business. What what have you got to lose? (Apart from a load of sticky stuff which someone spat on the floor)
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Love Your Gut……….Gutter

They are sometimes plastic, sometimes cast iron or even pressed steel. They only have one job, they are generally “out of sight, so out of mind” and usually cause you no bother. However, if you choose to ignore gutters and downpipes the impact can effect not only you but also your family or your employees or even your business. This negative impact can be financial, reputational and even effect health. Can you remember the last time your gutter was checked and cleaned? Is the checking and cleaning of gutters part of your planed preventative maintenance for your home or business? Do you wait until your gutter leaks before “getting someone in?” Recent request to Key Terrain revealed gutter blockages due to bird feces. Using best practice the gutter was cleared, cleaned and tested before fitting pest control measures. The role of gutters and downpipes is to guide rainwater off the roof and straight to the drain. If the gutter is broken, blocked or clogged the rainwater may start to run down walls and window frames. The result of misguided rainwater can be serious, this may be structural damage to your home or buisness as well as damp on walls which will require significant repair work and may cause health issues if not dealt with. What causes a leaky gutter? Things like fallen leaves in the gutter, moss growth, dead animals, plant growth, leaking joints, sagging gutters due to broken brackets or cracked downpipes can all contribute to rainwater not being directed straight to the drain. How to Fix You’ll need a head for heights, ladders and a mate to hold them, thick gloves, scoop, hose and water supply, bags and a long stiff piece of wire. Alternatively you can call Key Terrain Group on 020 3633 4212 and let us deal with it. Maintenance We recommend you have your gutters cleaned and checked at least annually (best just before winter) and then checked again in Spring. These Spring checks should include screws and brackets which may have perished over the winter months due to high winds or snow fall which puts additional weight onto gutters. If, like most people, you cannot remember the last time your home or business gutter systems were checked, then now might be the time to arrange a planned preventative maintenance visit for a couple of hundred quid. Alternatively, you can leave it and spend a few thousand pounds of your “hard earned” or allocated budget repairing internal damp problems and worrying about potential more significant problems. Key Terrain Group Limited – 020 3633 4212
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