We understand emergencies and unforeseen situations happen and that is why KTG is always on standby to help clients, whenever they need it.

Who is it for?

The service is for any organisation that have a duty of care for their customers and where an element of risk exists if you don't respond. Many simply don't have the resources or justification to have staff on standby 24/7 ready to deal with incidents.


  • Immediate access to staff and resources
  • Relieve the stress of being on-call
  • Helps protect your reputation
  • Pre-agreed rates


  • 24/7 support telephone number
  • Immediate safety and security containment
  • Ongoing incident management
  • Operational "front line" staff  for all facility sector circumstances
  • Access to equipment and resources 24/7

How it works

We charge a sensible fee to launch our service and then simply charge a reasonable hourly rate for the support you need throughout the incident, this rate will be guided by the severity of the incident and staff and resources required. In the event of a major incident, our fees maybe covered by your insurance (you will need to check your policy).

Examples of work

  • System failure staff presence to cover fire alarm failure and/or intruder alarm failure.
  • Staff shortages - all facility areas (Security, Porters, Caretakers, Reception)
  • Post incident or crime security presence until repairs are complete
  • Clear-up and cleaning
  • Emergency drivers
  • Grounds work to recover from snow fall and ice formation
  • Fly-tipping clean-ups
To access our 24/7 service just call the number below
0203 633 4212