We understand how critical it is to have the right staff, with the right skill set, in the right place and at the right time and as this influences Key Terrain performance, we strive to get it right.

In order to attract and select the accurate candidates to KTG we have developed an efficient and structured recruitment procedure as part of our Management System which defines the process in detail and provides a step by step guide. The processe are regularly reviewed and we ensure everyone taking part in activities, such as shortlisting and interviewing, is aware of relevant legislation as well as equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skills for our activities.

Our recruitment plan contains various advertising channels; however word of mouth has traditionally been the most common employee recruitment method with a strong leaning towards those with ex-military, ex-police and experienced skilled tradesmen.
There are certain criteria that we are looking for when selecting our people. We look for individuals who will work hard, are determined and provide an excellent service.  More than anything else, we look for great personalities with strength of character who join our existing teams.

Attention to details and focus on the duties are equally important too. Staff  have to demonstrate the skills and behaviours that will support us in delivering our business strategy and exceed our client’s satisfaction. During the face to face interviews we give our candidates a chance to demonstrate their personalities, tell us about their experience and express their values and motivations.

We understand that staff retention is critical to the success of a contract and constant staff churn affects the quality of the service offered, that’s why we work hard to ensure staff stay within the Key Terrain Group. Finally, our management structure allows staff of all levels can get the chance to interact with management which helps foster the feeling of being a team which itself aids retention.


Our Ten Service Standards

  1. The quality of service must be consistent, timely, flexible, customer orientated and responsive to demand.
  2. Procedures must satisfy the requirements of each task and be in accordance with the supporting contract.
  3. Our work will give consideration to ensure services are provided with minimum disruption.
  4. Resource levels will be maintained to ensure duties are carried out efficiently and effectively.
  5. Staff must be competent and professional in their work.
  6. All duties when undertaken must comply with relevant current legislation.
  7. KTG will always produce risk assessments required for tasks.
  8. Method statements for operations will be completed and where identified this will include PPE.
  9. Staff will be clean, neat and tidy and wearing an approved uniform.
  10. Staff will promote an image of courteousness and respectability.